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Does Carpet Hold Mold?

If you’re like most modern homeowners, you’re probably looking forward to the end of the long winter. However, atmospheric moisture content is higher in spring and summer than in winter, and this often causes mold colonies to thrive in household carpeting. Fortunately, strategies exist for those seeking effective ways of preventing mold colonies from getting a foothold in your carpet.

Use a Humidifier

Optimal humidity levels range between 30 and 60 percent, so if your home has a lot of moisture in the air, consider using a humidifier to help keep carpet mold from gaining a foothold.

Use Rubber Carpet Padding

Use rubber carpet padding to reduce moisture in your homes carpeting. The worst mold infestations form in this area. This works very well in high traffic areas, as well as reduces indentations from furniture. It will not bottom out under heavy pressure. Most homeowners prefer rubber padding’s firm feel under their feet.

Use Common Sense When Installing Carpeting

You and other family members may love the idea of soft and silky carpeting beneath bare feet in the bathroom, but in reality, this is just a recipe for out-of-control mold growth. Use a fluffy, washable bathmat instead.

Using a dry form of carpet cleaning is another essential plan of action for preventing mold in carpeting. Please feel free to contact us at Chem Dry for more information on keeping carpet mold from forming in your home.

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