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Summer Carpet Cleaning Tips

Summer is the best time of the year to take care of your home’s interior. A time to rearrange your furniture and toss out old appliances. Then follow these two simple cleaning tips to achieve and maintain a healthier indoor environment:

Tip 1. Minimize the Dust Mite Population

You’ll find these microscopic creatures wherever you see dust, and chances are dust covers all the surfaces in your home. This includes your carpets. As the seasons change, even the bugs want a place to come in and cool off. Carpet is a great place for them to thrive. For this reason, your home is overdue for a thorough dusting. It needs a solution from a carpet cleaning company.

Tip 2. Spruce Up the Floors You Walk On

When you’re trying to enjoy your favorite meals, what’s worse than getting a whiff of a foul pet odor? Staring at ingrained pet stains can be equally maddening. So hiring a professional carpet cleaning crew should be a priority this summer. At Chem-Dry, we spruce up carpets with our proprietary extraction method. Once we’re done, you won’t smell that pet odor any longer.

Carpet Cleaning Is Our Forte

Did you know that a dirty carpet can harbor more germs than a toilet in a public restroom? Don’t just recoil at this off-putting news. Call Chem-Dry at your earliest convenience if you want your floors to be free of pet stains, dust mites and unsightly spots.
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