Why use Chem–Dry?

  • A Natural Approach to Carpet Cleaning

    Carpet Cleaning Services

    Chem-Dry is the world's leader in upholstery and carpet cleaning services, cleaning an estimated one billion square feet of carpet each year.What makes Chem-Dry the world's favorite upholstery and carpet cleaning service is our patented hot water extraction with the power of carbonation, exceptional customer service, and our ongoing research in cleaning technology.

    A Chem-Dry experience leaves your upholstery and carpets cleaner and healthier. Our cleaning equipment and solution require that we use a fraction of the moisture other cleaning services use, meaning less chance for mold to grow under your carpet. As well, Chem-Dry’s solution, because of its natural ingredients, does not leave behind a sticky residue which attracts more dirt and requires more frequent cleaning appointments.

    Prolong the life and performance of your furniture's fabrics with routine professional cleaning. The experts at Chem-Dry will help you maximize your investment with fast and efficient service that delivers quality results.

  • Chem-Dry is Drier. Cleaner. Healthier.

    Chem-Dry is Drier

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    Carpet cleaned the Chem-Dry way is left clean and dry within 1 to 2 hours, not the 1 to 2 days other cleaning methods such as steam cleaning require. Instead of pumping excessive amounts of water into your carpet and attempting to suck it back out, Chem-Dry uses a carbonating cleaning solution so effective we only need to use approximately one-fifth to one-tenth of the moisture steam cleaners use. As well, the ingredients used in our cleaner are copied from Mother Nature herself. We don’t need soaps, detergents, or harsh chemicals to accomplish our great cleaning results because we’ve got the power of crystal clear carbonating bubbles.

    Chem-Dry Cleans Deeper

    The awesome cleaning power of carbonating solutions creates a powerful reaction that deep cleans carpet in a safe and gentle way—and because the bubbles work for us, Chem-Dry does not need to use soapy cleaning chemicals. Often these soaps leave behind a sticky residue that attracts dirt and grime, making them dirtier faster.

    Chem-Dry is a More Healthy System

    Many people believe the best way to clean their carpet is to soak it, and then suck the water back out, the method commonly known as steam cleaning; however, this soggy approach to cleaning may have some serious drawbacks. For steam cleaners to get your carpet clean, they have to force excessive amounts of water into it which, when left behind, can create a breeding ground for mold and bacteria in just hours. It can also leave behind chemicals and soapy, dirt-attracting residue.

    Chem-Dry, on the other hand, uses minimal amounts of moisture that dries in hours. This reduces the possibility of bacteria buildup due to moisture creating a healthier environment for your home. As well, our cleaning solution does not leave behind a sticky residue for dirt to be attracted to, leaving your carpet cleaner longer.

  • Professional Technicians using Professional Equipment

    Don't trust you home to just anyone

    Carpet Cleaning Services

    There are a lot of companies in the Tulsa area that claim to be "professional" carpet cleaners, but most are unable to meet the standards that we set at Chem-Dry of Tulsa.

    Our technicians are insured, bonded and professionally trained to deliver the best service in the carpet cleaning industry. Using specialized equipment and cleaning solutions, our professional technicians represent the finest in quality standards to ensure maximum cleaning performance and service. Chem-Dry of Tulsa has become the trusted name thousands of Tulsa households and businesses turn to for their carpet cleaning needs.